Chris Simonite is an artist from Winnipeg, Canada where his brain froze at an early age due to the Siberia-like temperatures to which he was relentlessly exposed. Legend has it that this frozen brain compels him to spend most of his time making paintings (and occasionally animations/videos) based on pop culture, conspiracy theories and other things that lie at the murky edges.

He has three degrees (BA, BFA, MFA, if you must know) and has shown his art in four countries on Earth. He is also a member of the legendary (in their own minds) Frost Shield Kerfuffle Collective.

Chris Simonite has a musical/comedy/performance art alter ego, a faux Cowpunk Star called Stan Dickie, who was the subject of his MFA thesis. He’s pretty sure the University of Ottawa never forgave him for it. For original satirical songs and more, click here:


2017 April – June – Menagerie, X-Cues, Winnipeg, MB
2014 August – September – Face Dances, The Kitchen Window Gallery, London, UK
2012 August – Stan Dickie: Real Man, or Just Some Feller, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, ON
2012 January – February – Manimations, Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Shenkman
Art Centre, Ottawa, ON
2011 September – October – Mansongs, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON


2021 May-July., The Frost Shield Kerfuffle Collective: Damaged Landscapes, Glesby Portage & District Arts Centre, Portage La Prairie, MB
2020 Aug., Under the Mask: A Metamorphosis, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY, USA.
2020 Aug-October., Relics of the Past, Orca’s Pod Gallery, Gibsons, BC
2019 Aug., The Frost Shield Kerfuffle Collective: Revolting, The Edge Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2018 Jan., The Frost Shield Kerfuffle Collective: The only thing we have in common is that some of us are nice, The Cre8ery, Winnipeg, MB
2016 Performance as Stan Dickie, The Box Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2016 Performance as Stan Dickie, The Montague Arms, London, UK
2014 September, Nunhead Open, London, UK
2014 September, Performance at Frost Bitten Mosquito Slapping Trolley Tippers, Curated by Diana Thorneycroft and Michael Boss, Almonte, ON
2014 May, Espejo Negro, La Compañia, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 October, Espejo Negro, Free Form Film Festival, Salt Lake City Utah, USA
2013 October, Espejo Negro, the Projection Museum, Portland, Oregon, USA
2013 September, Hegelian Landscape (with Strangeloops Collective), Nuit Blanche, Ottawa
2013 August Espejo Negro, Les Territoires, Montreal, QC
2012 Performance as Stan Dickie (January 15), Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Shenkman Art Centre, Ottawa
2010 May, Lens Be Friends, Platform Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2010 April, 2010 University of Manitoba Graduate Exhibition, Gallery 111, Winnipeg, MB
2009 July, A Compact for Convenience, Cre8ery, Winnipeg, MB
2009 April, Firewire, Cinemathèque, Winnipeg, MB
2009 March, Sweet Nothings, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2008 October, The Winnipeg Animation Festival, Curated by Dave Barber, Winnipeg, MB

2015 July Luminous Bodies, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON
2013 April – August Creation Workshop, Les Territoires, Montreal, QC

MFA, University of Ottawa, October 2012
BFA (First Class Honours), University of Manitoba, June 2010
BA, University of Manitoba, June 1988

2019 Winnipeg Arts Council Professional Development Grant
2014 Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant for Visual Artists
2012 University of Ottawa Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean’s Scholarship
2010 University of Ottawa Graduate Admission Scholarship
2010 Lynn Sissons Memorial Scholarship for Best Watercolour