I’m not gonna lie, writing a weekly blog about your own art is hard. What the hell do you write about without sounding narcissistic or self-indulgent? But they say if I want to sell art online I have to keep doing it. So today I’ll write about politics again, just because it’s on everyone’s mind. Well, most everyone’s, I assume. Anyway, as we all know, Donald Trump is leaving. He lost. He’s outta there. To paraphrase Lady MacBeth: “out damned Trump”! And good riddance to him.

The thing about Trump is, watching him over the last 4 years has actually been kind of a guilty pleasure. I say “guilty” because I sometimes feel kind of guilty that there was a small part of me that almost, kinda-sorta wanted him to win. I can’t over stress the words “kinda-sorta”. I didn’t really want him him to win, it’s just that he reminded me of Rob Ford. Remember Rob Ford? The late former mayor of Toronto who got world-wide attention for smoking crack and other notorious antics? Rob Ford was a shit show I couldn’t look away from and it was entertaining. At the time I would have said “the” shit show, but I did not know of the massive-mega-monster shit show that was to come when Donald John Trump took office.

Okay, wait–it hasn’t been a pleasure to watch Trump. Please consider that in the above paragraph, I misspoke–er misstyped. I mean, it has been kind of entertaining, in the sense that Trump’s presidency captures your attention like that proverbial train wreck from which you just can’t look away. I mean, can you even imagine what Fox News would have said if Obama or Clinton had suggested that people might want to try injecting themselves with bleach to cure COVID? Or how ’bout if they had constantly held rallies in order to rant about their own enemies and talk about how no one has done more as President than they have? How ’bout if there was even any minor hint that they may have been involved in some even slightly tiny collusion with Russia? Or if they had separated parents and kids and put those kids in cages! I could go on and on, but you know damn well that any democratic president would have been relentlessly pilloried and likely impeached and even removed for most the above. The shit show that is Donald Fucking Trump is worse than anyone could have imagined. Remember when you, like me probably thought that Trump would defer to his advisors and actually stick to scripted speeches once elected? Yeah, that didn’t happen, it just got worse and worse. Trump’s Twitter feed should be printed in book form as proof in his own words of what a selfish, petulant, child-like moron he is.

Look, I’m not saying Democratic presidents are perfect. Far from it. Every US president has blood on their hands and have had to do unthinkable things. It’s really really hard to fully support any

All of my oil paintings of Donald J. Trump 2016-2020.

politician. As it stands they all work within systems that are imperfect and that are overtly influenced by corporations and lobbyists. So it’s always at least a bit of a shit show. Just not as blatantly, obviously criminal as this one, and well–moronic! Okay, there was Bush. Fucking criminal and one of the less intelligent presidents. And I have no doubt that much of Obama’s drone striking was essentially criminal. So I’m not just an anti-Trump shill, just so you know.

Anway, over the course of the shit-show (I can’t stop typing that!) of the last four years, I have done four paintings of the idiot-in-chief, and yes I think he is one of the few modern presidents worthy of that title. He truly is a stupid, petty, narcissistic weirdo. Yeah, he’s also a weirdo. Anyway, here for your enjoyment are all of the paintings I have done of him. The truth is he has an incredibly goofy face that is rather enjoyable to paint, I have to say. But I’m done.

These are shown in order of when I painted them. You can see that I spent the most time on the first one. That is from my series of paintings called Menagerie. One day I’ll write a post on why I’ve been making quick paintings like the other three, but spoiler alert–it’s because I’m experimenting with technique.