So I’m writing this on the morning that the world learned that Donald and Melania Trump have COVID-19. I guess that means that Trump is, to paraphrase him “positive in a negative sense.” But who would’ve guessed that would happen? I mean, they were doing everything they possibly could to keep it away. Like magical anti-Coronavirus handshakes with strangers and french kissing military generals to prove Trump doesn’t think they’re losers! Okay, in all seriousness I hope they both recover. I say that partly because I don’t generally wish ill-will on people even if I don’t like them, but also because I really really really really want to see Trump get his comeuppance at the ballot box, although I’m aware the Repubs could still steal that damned election. I don’t really think they can win it legitimately, but there is a non-zero chance that they can still win it. And I also want to see the state of New York indict Trump. I know there are a lot of people skeptical that that will happen (including my wife), but there is a Grand Jury that is apparently getting ready to do just that, so we’ll see! Hmmm, I suppose that kind of is wishing him some ill-will. Oh well.

Very Stable Genius (Orange Fuckface), 10″ x 10″, oil on canvas, 2020.

Anyway, I started this post with a bit of a laugh because I honestly think I’m starting to lose my sense of humour. The world is so damn serious these days. There is an awful lot of political correctness which–full disclosure–I think is mostly a good thing, especially if it gets people to think about issues that really matter. Having said that white male comedians who complain about it ruining comedy have do have a point. I absolutely agree with Ricky Gervais and other comedians that it should be okay to joke about anything and that people mistaking the subject of the joke with its target is frustrating. But then again, I’m a white man too, and we’re the worst!

This all brings me back to my art practice and the fact that I listen to podcasts and audio books all day while I work. I won’t get into which ones in this post, except for Science VS. Everyone should listed to Science VS. because it’s one of the best podcasts out there and the show has a sense of humour! More of this please, podcast world. Anyway, it’s all my own fault. I probably just need to switch to comedy podcasts or even have comedy shows on Netflix in the background while I work. All that to say, I’m pleased that a goodly number of my regular followers seem to find some amusement in my current work. And I do too, so I’ll keep doing it. But maybe it’s time to write a new Stan Dickie song, or write (and then draw) some comics for my Gorilla in the Midst comic strip? I have to do something to prove that I’ve still got it! Mind you, that’s not to say that all the Stan stuff or even the GITM comics were all funny. Comedy is always hit and miss.

So, if I were to say, write a Stan song does anyone out there in Blog world have any ideas of what I should write about? I mean, I could try to write something about COVID? Hmm, not sure. I’m supposed to be in a group show with the Frost Shield Kerfuffle collective next year called Damaged Landscapes so maybe I could write something based on that concept? Mind you, I kind of already did with Heat it Up, back in 2016 in which Stan Dickie shows that he (surprisingly) believes that Global Warming is real and he wants to encourage it. That’s because he lives in Winnipeg and if you know anything about our climate you almost wouldn’t blame him. So I guess I’ve already covered that topic, but I never did make a video for that song. So maybe I should do that. Still any thoughts on contentious issues for something new? Sorry I still can’t allow comments, but feel free to say something on Facebook or Instagram.

Heat it Up, (Faux album cover for my satirical alter-ego, Stan Dickie), 2016.