So my regular reader(s?) may have noticed something about this website over the last few months. I’ve been updating my blog weekly for over six months now and I’ve also been regularly posting to Instagram and Facebook. But I have rarely been updating the website! This may seem like an oversight on my part, and it really is, but it’s time I explain the reasons for this. First of all, I do think it’s important for me to post regularly on social media and I need to have good quality images in order to do that. My iphone does a more than adequate job of taking care of this problem. But it’s often not easy. My paintings tend to be pretty glossy and it’s difficult to get a photo that isn’t too shiny. The fact that I’ve been making larger paintings of late makes that problem worse. For some reason. I’m no expert on photography and it sure makes me wish I’d taken it in art school, but I never did. Perhaps then it would be easier to solve some of the issues that I have.

The Jesus, Instagram shot. The colour is not correct compared to the painting and you can see shine in the bowling ball.

Anyway, the fact is a lot of my paintings have not been properly documented. By that I mean, the highest quality possible for a website image as well as an excellent high resolution version in case I ever need to get one printed. I have managed to get a photographer friend to document around thirty of the seventy or so paintings I’ve made this year and I started to add more of those to my website earlier this week. For smaller paintings I can usually get a really good quality pic with the iphone. But a lot of the paintings I’ve been making lately have been larger, so I need to have that same friend, or another of my several photographer friends photograph these. And for that, I either need money, or to use the barter system, but I digress.

Now having said all this, I’ve actually been procrastinating on updating the website kinda sorta on purpose. You see when I set up this version of the website, I had three categories for the portfolio section: New Works, Menagerie, and There Ain’t No Moon in the Sky. This website was set up some time last year and since then I’ve likely done as many 100 paintings. If I post them all, well that New Works Section will become unwieldy to say the least! And while the new works are kind of a series like Menagerie and There Ain’t No Moon, they’re also becoming my “brand.” At least that’s what seems to be happening. So because of that, I don’t really have a catchy title for this work. Plus there are different series within series of the work. There are the pop culture characters, the odd pop culture or political figure that is not playing a character, and then there are the imagined characters.

The Jesus, properly documented. The colour is much more accurate compared to the painting.

So to make a short story long, I had to decide how to organize the site and I’m still not sure I’m there, but I had to make a decision. One of the thoughts I had was to organize the newwork by theme. I even started to make a Sci-Fi page where you could see the Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. paintings. But then I was thinking about the person who bought my painting of Mr. Spock from Star Trek. He’s not a Star Trek fan! He just liked the painting and I don’t want people to see that there’s a sci-fi section and to skip right over it because they’re not into Sci-Fi! You never know when the Spock situation could happen again, so it would be better if people just perused all, or at least most of my work. So that’s when I decided to organize the work by year. So you’ll see that now there is a 2020 section and a 2019 section. But I’m still not sure that’s the solution! Because, dammit, it could get pretty unwieldy if I upload everything. So does anyone have any suggestions? Doubledammit, I wish I could allow comments! Should I also leave Artmoi and switch to another service?