You see what I did there? This is my 8th blog post and I’ve managed to get “Hell” into every title! Well, okay not the first one. But I did get “damn” in that one! Anyway, I guess it’s tradition now, so I’ll stop mentioning it. (Insert your own smiley emoji here—this blog is too formal for me to put one in!)

So I wasn’t planning to write about titling again, but a couple of comments from Instagram and Facebook got me thinking about it further. As I said last week I’ve been giving my paintings relatively boring titles so as to avoid them being flagged as copyright infringement on sites such as Redbubble. But maybe I just need to be a little more creative. Doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for someone who claims to be creative, does it?

A couple of people commented on social media with quotes from one of the characters I had painted and I thought, “that’s it, I can title them using quotes!”. So that’s how my painting of Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski became: You Need a Toe? He Can Get You a Toe!”. Amusing, no? (see my instagram page and hit “like” while you’re at it!)

Doctor Long Scarf?

So I went back and looked at some of my older paintings and searched the interwebs for some ideas. It turns out, it’s not always that easy. As an example, I’ve done a number of paintings of Doctors from Doctor Who. I’ve just named them Doctor #4, etc. I figure, Doctor is not a trademarked word and a number sign followed by a number is not likely to alert anyone to so-called (but bullshit) copyright infringement (remember, this stuff should be fair use!).

Doctor Timey Wimey

So using the 4th Doctor as a ‘guinea pig’ in this experiment, I searched for some quotes. I didn’t really find anything that worked. So then I tried, David Tennant’s 10th doctor and was reminded that he does have a famous catch-phrase. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey! So I think the painting is now called Doctor Timey Wimey. I can do that, right? Change the title of my own damn painting? Having said that, Doctor #11 was sold, so I guess I can’t change it to Doctor Bow Ties Are Cool. Damn!

Doctor #11

If any of my loyal reader(s) have any suggestions for any of my paintings, please let me know. I am trying to get comments enabled, so for now, send me a message if you have a suggestion.

Lastly, winter and spring can’t make up their minds here in Winnipeg. It will be June one day, and it will be glorious. If I’m allowed outside. (insert sad emoji)