Hello again from social isolation. One week since my last post, and spring has actually sprung in Winnipeg! The temperatures have been consistently above freezing and the snow and ice are disappearing. Ask me in a couple of weeks how much social distancing one can do during a flood, when you have have to help the community sandbag? I fear this is Winnipeg’s fate this spring. Note to self: don’t build a city on swamp! Okay, I didn’t build it, but I do live here! Yikes!

So this week I thought I’d talk a little about titling my work. You see, as somewhat of a cartoonist (see the very first post on this blog), I have an inclination to give my work funny or at least amusing titles. And if I can–ridiculously long titles! Kind of like I do in the blog.

Talia and Leviculus in the Garden of Inconcinum or How Shitty Relationships Start

Anyway, back in art school I did a pencil crayon (coloured—oops colored—pencil for you non-Canucks) and pastel drawing of myself and my wife being pooped on by cupid. To this day I’m greatly amused by it, and my wife was completely cool with/amused by it too. And luckily, I even got a good mark on it—it’s a rare art prof who would give something like that a good mark, so I was lucky. The drawing was titled: Talia and Leviculus in the Garden of Inconcinum or How Shitty Relationships Start. I was so proud of that title. I had even done some research to get the fake Latin to sound at least kind of right. Okay, so the title directs the viewer’s read of the piece too much, but hey, back then I was still thinking I’d be a cartoonist, so it’s understandable? Unfortunately, I don’t have a good photo of it, but you get the idea.

For reasons that I’ll get into next week, I’ve been trying to resist the urge to name my works in this way. But I’ve also included a painting in this post from 2017: Terracentric Orbital Dynamics. It’s not a hilarious title, but it amuses me—dramatic pause—because it comes from the Flat Earth Society website. That’s right, it’s a delicious Flat Earth Society word salad!

Terracentric Orbital Dynamics

Like I said, more on titling next week! Stay safe everyone!