Princess, 2019, oil on canvas.

I write this huddled up in my bunker (okay, studio) here in Winnipeg, making sure I don’t see or talk to anyone. Wait, just making sure I don’t see anyone. Except my wife and cats. Anyway, it’s supposed to be spring here, but winter weather holds on. Who woulda thunk it in a city nicknamed “Winterpeg”?

So today I’m asking myself the question: “what should I call my new work”. As you can see on the portfolio page it’s simply titled “New Works” as of this writing. As mentioned it’s largely inspired by George Condo, so in trying to write about the work–it’s always good practice for an artist to do so–I decided to research how Condo writes about his work.

That’s where I first saw the terms Psychological Cubism and Artificial Realism. I realized right away that these terms feel right for my new work. I’ve been mostly painting ‘artificial’ characters, in a semi-realistic manner and I’ve felt since the beginning that there was something psychological going on in the work. I’m not sure if Condo would approve, but I’ve been appropriating these terms in hashtags to promote my work on instagram.

Han, 2009, oil on canvas.

So is there a title for this work in there somewhere? I realize I still haven’t answered that question. So if anyone has a suggestion, I’m open to hearing it!

I’ve included a couple of the early ones in the series for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to follow me on instagram @chrissimoniteart where I post new works every Tuesday and Thursday as long as I’m keeping up! See you next Monday.