Last week I wrote about how my There Ain’t no Moon in the Sky series led to my Menagerie series. If you’ve been following my instagram, or looking at my New Works section here on this website, you’ll notice that my newest work doesn’t yet have a title. This new work also didn’t follow directly from the Menagerie work, although being portrait based it definitely has a connection. But I believe that the fact that I just kept painting ensured that I was going to come up with more ideas regardless. Of course, I couldn’t resist going back to the moon, with this painting of Buzz Aldrin, done in my new style!

So what is this new work? As I mentioned in my first post on this blog, it all goes back to seeing a retrospective of George Condo’s work at the New Museum in New York in 2011. Condo’s work follows in the tradition of Picasso, but with more whimsy, while at the same time being much darker and definitely psychological. I loved the aesthetic and the you can see the influence in the work.

Here is Chewie, the second painting I did in this style. Next week I’ll try to answer the following questions: what does it mean? What should I call it?