So now you know that I’m a cartoonist turned painter/multi-media performance artist/sort of animator (one day I’ll post an animation!). I always knew I was going to end up being a painter, but I took a roundabout way of getting there. I only really started to doing it when I wasn’t sure what else to do. But then, not surprisingly, I got addicted.

Before I started, I had to overcome the first hurdle, that being: what the hell should I paint? A good friend of mine said “just pick a subject and start”. Solid advice. So not being sure what to do, I went to my musical/comedy performance art alter-ego Stan Dickie. Stan was created as a means to satirize stereotypes about contemporary masculinity, but I eventually decided that I could make fun of all sorts of things with Stan. So I had written a song that made fun of moon landing hoaxers, called The Moon Song (click to hear the song and see the video!). I decided that Stan was not only a moon landing hoaxer, he is a moon hoaxer, someone who thinks the moon itself, is a hoax! (fun fact – I found out from research at the time, that such people do exist!).

Anyway, to make a short story long, I decided to make some paintings riffing off the idea that moon isn’t real, so anything goes! It all started with this painting, which is now in the private collection of the above mentioned friend. Why the egg? I don’t have to answer that question because it’s art! Anyway, all that lead to another series of paintings and then to my current work. As I said that was solid advice, because it really got the ball rolling and I’ve made many many paintings since.

Check my painting series There Ain’t no Moon in the Sky in my portfolio. I will likely revisit this series in the future.